Our people are a primary reason our clients recommend Brand Maker Incorporation to others. Their unique skills and infectious energy help our clients focus on what matters most and build their capability and confidence to create winning firms of the future. Our people actively engage from the C-suite to the front line with a collaborative style that emphasizes teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions.

It feels different to work with us.

Leadership Team

Our partners put our clients first, with a relentless focus on delivering innovative, bold solutions. They consider your journey as well as your destination, anticipating the risks, barriers and opportunities to make change stick.

Adam Kant

Founder & Co-Director

Brand Maker Incorporation's CEO, Adam kant  is a marketing pioneer, a master facilitator, and the business guru’s guru.

He was co-owner of a promotional company that ranked #26 out of 24,000 nationally. Since he sold out, he has devoted his time to creating a company focused on supporting entrepreneurs in their businesses and their lives. This vision for Brand Maker Incorporation comes to fruition in business and marketing coaching, intense on-site Launches, and creative marketing campaigns. For business owners with deep subject matter expertise, Jon also facilitates ‘Guruships’ -- high-powered personal brandings that transform clients into nationally recognized experts in their niches.

A successful entrepreneur, rainmaker, personal development coach, and speaker, Jon’s powerful presentations have attendees jumping in the aisles – sometimes literally! -- and he has earned top ratings for his keynotes and workshops. Jon's fresh approach, combining marketing savvy with deep personal insight, resonates with audiences at conferences, conventions, and expos.

Raised in the advertising business, Jon is the creator of Lumpy Mail® and is personally responsible for millions of pieces of mail with successes for clients large and small. His strategies and tactics have generated dramatic results -- such as a 27% response rate for Häagen-Dazs, nearly 50% for the Atlanta Hawks, and the biggest recruitment response in their history for the Direct Marketing Association in Washington (DMAW). He has done work for IBM, Purina, and Nickelodeon, as well as countless small- and mid-size businesses, and his work has been featured on NBC and CBS and in The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

Jon is the author of The 90 Day Launch System, The Secret of the Watermelon, Guruships, and The Million Dollar Lumpy Mail System, which has been translated into Japanese. His popular weekly e-letter brings a wealth of business growth and marketing tips to thousands of subscribers.

Jon uses his gift of insight to draw out and inspire his clients to reach their greatest potential. His deep understanding of the human psyche comes from a rich and eclectic life experience that includes traveling around the world studying Eastern and Western Religions, teaching marketing workshops in Spain (in Spanish) and trading marketing services around the globe.

Michelle Johnson

Brand Maker Incorporation Master Mentor 


Michelle Johnson is a veteran Master Mentor with a long track record of steering businesses to success. After many years as a successful CEO and business leader himself, Ed refocused his efforts in 2001 to mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve profitable business growth and personal enrichment.

In the course of his career, Ed has achieved many notable successes, including turning around an e-commerce start-up in less than 18 months (revenues up by 52%, SG&A down by 24%); leading the sales effort to grow a network implementation business from $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 in less than 5 years; and creating a new business strategy for a $16,000,000 service business that increased revenues by 35% in 2 years.

In his role as a Brand Maker Incorporation Master Mentor, Ed coaches, guides, and leads small business owners toward better metrics, more effective leadership, and a healthy work/life balance. His other involvements include frequent presentations for entrepreneurial audiences, becoming a fellow and Director of Development for the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), and authoring the "Meet Murray" series of business books. 

Ed holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in math from Rutgers University, and completed additional studies at Rutgers in math and operations research. Ed lives in New Jersey, were he enjoys deep sea fishing and skiing with his wife of 35 years and their son and daughter.

Thomas Green

Brand Maker Incorporation Business Mentor


Thomas Green is a highly accomplished business consultant, mentor and executive coach.  She has successfully led many business transformations in the United States, South Africa, and India. Her keen business acumen, deep insight, and down-to-earth style have resulted in outstanding results for businesses large and small. 

Prior to joining Brand Maker Incorporation, Thomas spent nine years as a highly successful change management executive at Deloitte Consulting. She has successfully led transformation efforts for 13 companies, on 3 continents, across 6 different industries.

 As a Brand Maker Incorporation Mentor, Daniela helps business owners with  leadership, communications, and personal and work/life issues. Her expertise is focused on the people dimensions of change, and she provides stability and support in the precarious, high-pressure business environment in which entrepreneurs operate.

Thomas received her Bachelors in Business Administratin (BBA) from the University of Texas at Austin, her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell University, and is a certified coach through Results Coaching International (ICF accredited). Thomas grew up in the United States and, after a number of years living in South Africa, now resides in California.

Richard Goldberg

Brand Maker Incorporation Business Mentor


Richard Goldberg has a long history of business consulting, making him a highly experience and successful Brand Launcher Business Mentor. Richard spent over 30 years as the President of The Goldberg Group, Ltd, helping small and mid-sized companies and non-profits with strategic planning, sales development, management coaching, and improving their overall business health.

Richard has had experience in a wide variety of industries including banking, government, healthcare, and non-profit management. He has held positions of Executive Director/CEO for a nationally affiliated health organization, Corporate Vice President—Human Resources for a $1.5 billion bank holding company, and Director of Marketing in two medical specialty companies.  However, since 1982, Richard has pursued his passion of helping companies achieve their vision of success.  

He recently retired from his position as the Executive Director of the Mankind Project USA, a non-profit dedicated to building men into powerful leaders and role models. As the Co-Owner of Education Options Ltd., Richards has created comprehensive school improvement plans in 18 troubled Missouri School Districts.

Richard is a graduate from The University of Wisconsin, Lindenwood University, and Washington University, and holds Masters Degrees in the Social Sciences and Business Administration. He currently teaches graduate classes in leadership and organizational behavior and resides in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Tom Barrett

Brand Maker Incorporation Business Mentor

Tom Barrett is an accomplished growth and change agent with 30+ years of experience, especially in the landscape industry. He has held executive positions with Rain Bird, Kenney, Ewing, Netafim, and MacAllister Machinery, and he has been invited to collaborate on such noteworthy projects as Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Aquascape in St. Charles, IL, and the Gates Residence in Seattle. 

A nationally recognized authority on sustainable solutions, Tom gives over 30 presentations each year across the country and has authored numerous articles for national publications. He is also affiliated with the USGBC, the EPA’s WaterSense program, and the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

As a Brand Maker Incorporation Master Mentor, Tom helps small business owners enhance their marketing and their businesses. His practical, down-to-earth approach and “roll up your sleeves and get it done” methodology make him consistently successful in helping clients to define, design, and execute.   

Tom started his career as a golf course superintendent in California, achieved notable successes in sales, and proceeded to sales management and marketing management. He has held executive-level positions in B2B, distribution, and manufacturing. His most unusual accomplishment was starting a women’s ice hockey team in Tucson, AZ at the age of 23.

Tom graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and Plant Genetics. He has had professional training in public speaking, negotiations, sales, and Total Quality Management, and is a Certified Irrigation Contractor, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and a Certified Landscape Water Manager. Originally from New Jersey, Tom has lived in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Boston. For the last 25 years he has resided in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kethrin Taylor

Brand Maker Incorporation Marketing Mentor


As a Brand Maker Marketing Mentor, kethrin Taylor guides small to medium sized businesses to the next level. With over 20 years of marketing experience, kethrin has a proven track record of helping companies attract and retain loyal, profitable customers to become the "obvious choice."

Earlier in her career, kethrin served as a Medical Marketing Manager of Vernay Laboratories, where she developed a marketing segmentation strategy which saved the company $1.7 million. Ivana quickly became a recognized expert and ranked #21 out of over 30,000 internet professionals in Fast Company.

She is the publisher of DIYMarketers.com an online publication that provides CEOs with low-cost marketing strategies, ideas, and resources. Ivana is a weekly writer in the AMEX Open Forum where her articles consistently rank amongst the top 10. She is also the co-author of the popular book, "Excel for Marketing Managers" along with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen.

kethrin received her BS in Marketing from Penn State and her MA in Managment from Antioch University. She holds a certificate in the German language from the University of Munich and is fluent in Serbian. kethrin resides in Cleveland with her husband.

Devat Denus

Brand Maker Incorporation Business Mentor

Devat Denus knows what it takes to help business owners achieve their business and financial dreams.  He spent over 27 years as a senior executive with a Fortune 100 company, working on strategic planning, sales, human resources, acquisitions, training, and operations management. He has extensive experience in working with business executives to successfully identify and analyze business problems, define solutions, and implement those solutions. 

As a Brand Maker Incorporation Master Mentor, Dave works across a broad spectrum of industries and business sizes to help each company re-energize their vision, move their business to the next level, or create a retirement/transition exit plan. Throughout his career, Dave has demonstrated the ability to quickly achieve positive results in both top-line revenues and bottom-line profits. He helped build three private businesses in manufacturing, retail, and professional services; created and grew two new companies from $0 to over $100,000,000 in less than five years; and helped a small family firm cut unprofitable business lines and expand their client base.

Dave is a graduate of Michigan State University with additional studies in business, law, and computer programming from University of Michigan and MIT. Dave lives in Madison County, New York with his family.

Lucya Middleton

Brand Maker Incorporation business consultant


Lucya Neiman has 30+ years of experience growing people and organizations. She is a trained psychotherapist with a special expertise in team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution for family businesses.

In her role as a Brand Maker Incorporation Mentor, Lucya helps our clients become more effective and more harmonious. In many small-to-midsized businesses, productivity and profitability are damaged by strained relationships, tension between managers, and employee discord. In this environment, Lucya’s facilitation and coaching skills can make an enormous difference.

Her previous experience includes executive coaching and organizational restructuring for a large health care provider; supervisor training for the premier employee assistance program in the country; serving as a career consultant for an outplacement firm; developing and presenting seminars; and conducting adult, couple, family, and group psychotherapy. She is particularly adept at people strategies, team building, and executive coaching.

Lucya’s educational background includes an M.A. in counseling, a B.A. in psychology from Washington University, and a Missouri Life Teaching certificate.  She also has a three year post-graduate certificate in Gestalt Therapy.

Lucya Neiman lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She has three grown children and one amazing granddaughter.